Monday, June 22, 2009

Ramblings of an over caffinated insomniac

Davinci's pizza – we knew that it had shut down a while ago but gone totally like wiped off the face of the Earth?????
New Tate center – Geez, we students of the modest Tate gone past are blown away and completely jealous. This is what happens when you graduate and start working. Your tax dollars help build a better student center that you do not get to use. This sucks, I had to share the study/quiet rooms with idiots making out in the corner.
The Women's studies/Old police station gone – why? I liked that building.
Two new buildings downtown near First Baptist Church – one is very modern looking but the other just looks like the church is remodeling
Hodgons moved! - blasphemy
Lunch Paper now a freaking martini bar!!! – the ever revolving door of bar/food businesses that keeps everyone guessing and coming to downtown Athens swings again.
All you can eat Ihop pamcakes. Who is this pam and how does she get turned into cakes that we should all hop for?
Old Mellow Mushroom downtown was turned into a Tokyo sushi bar. I would love to know what Murphy thinks about that.
I am still irritated about the loss of Blue Sky. I just don't care that Starbucks is supposed to be the better replacement. I liked the anti-chain Blue Sky coffee. I miss the funky art and affected holier than thou waitstaff who always served drinks exactly the way you wanted without charging you for the extra cup. And why is it so hard to study in the upper loft? I think its cursed

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